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Online Payments

ParentPay – Online Payments

In order to make it simple for parents to make payments to school, we have adopted the ParentPay system. ParentPay is used in many schools and parents can make their payments online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Parents can make payments for school trips, school meals, uniform and various other items. This means that parents do not have to remember to write cheques or give their children cash to take in to school. Furthermore, ParentPay helps parents to view their accounts online where it is easy to track payments that have been made. 

Information will be sent to parents which will give a unique username and password which will enable access to your ParentPay account.

ParentPay log in please CLICK HERE

School Lunches

Payments may be made to ParentPay for transfer to your child’s biometric “finger”account to pay for school lunches and other school expenses.

Money can be paid into the account by three methods:

By our online payment system, ParentPay. You will be sent details of how to register for this early in the Autumn term.

By cheque, payable to ‘Cambourne Village College’ to cover any amount or period.  (As a guide most pupils spend £2.50 - £3.00 per day); The cheque should have the child’s name and tutor group written on the reverse.  Pupils should put their payments in the postbox next to cash loading machine.  Any cheque received before 9am each day will be processed and the amount will be available for use at break.  If the cheque is to cover more than one pupil, the names and breakdown should be written on the reverse of the cheque.

By cash into cash loading machine located in the main corridor. These accept £20, £10, £5 notes and £2, £1, 50p, 20p and 10p coins. If your cash is not accepted by the machine, it can be taken to the pupil reception to be added on to your child's account.

There is a spending limit of £6 per day set by the system. This amount can be reduced, at any time, by written request to the Finance Office. The system does not give credit.

Pupils entitled to free school meals will be allocated the amount for the free meal automatically each day.