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Recognition & Sanctions


Recognising students' Efforts and Achievements in our Community




Charity fundraising Overcoming adversity Picking up litter (not when asked)
Sports leadership Acts of kindness A piece of work on display to promote environment awareness
Attending clubs every half term Nominated by a teacher for going above and beyond Planting a tree/ gardening/ caring for the environment
Helping out at evening school events Being consistently organised Changing one thing at home to be better for the environment
Participation in assembly 100% attendance for half a term Recognition from tutor/ year team

Pupils are expected to follow our Respect code of conduct which involves respecting the community, themselves and the environment. Alongside receiving positive comments on Go4Schools and postcards home for exceptional work and contributions KS3 students are recognised through our Recognition scheme. Students who complete tasks within the categories below will receive signatures in their planners from their teachers. When they complete each category they will receive a badge as well as recognition in their termly celebration assembly. 


When a pupil’s effort or behaviour is found to be unacceptable, a variety of sanctions may be imposed. Staff will record unacceptable behaviour on our College Management Information System. Any incidence of unacceptable behaviour will result in a Behaviour Support detention during the lunchtime of the following day, which will be recorded in the homework diary. A ‘Yellow Card’ system is used in lessons to warn pupils when their behaviour is interfering with the learning of others, and an increasing level of sanction is used with pupils who persist in this. Tutors and Heads of Year monitor behaviour entries carefully and will contact you if the pattern of behaviour persists.

Your child will be expected to stay after school to catch up homework on the same day, if homework is not given in on time without a good reason. In this case, we will communicate with you by a phone call or text message.

A pupil may be put ‘on report’ if it is thought that his or her work needs very close monitoring, or if their behaviour is interfering with the learning of others. Parents are asked to sign reports each evening, so that good communication is maintained.