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Details of all trips can be found under the relevant year group tabs.

Registration/Payment Process for Trips & Educational Visits

Local Trips/Educational Visits

When launching a trip/visit, an information letter will be sent via School Post to the relevant year groups. Parents will be asked to log onto their ParentPay account to consent and make payment for the trip (you will be asked to provide a name and contact number for the day of the trip/visit, and to list any medical conditions/allergies your child may have).

International Trips

When launching an international trip, an information letter will be sent via School Post to the relevant year groups. If you want to register your child for a place on an international trip, you will need to complete the online ‘registration of interest’ form which you will find at the bottom of the School Post publication and pay a minimum of £100 non-refundable deposit on ParentPay to secure your interest in the trip for your child.

Places on our international trips are limited. If a trip is oversubscribed, the places will be selected at random. Should your child not be successful in gaining a place, the deposit you paid will be refunded to you. Once the list of pupils is final and the trip closed, Ms Pearce from the Trips office will be in contact with you regarding the payment schedule and the information required for her to finalise the necessary bookings (e.g. passport, EHIC card, consent and medical information).

Cambourne Village College makes available subsidies to help towards the cost of trips for those students who, because of financial hardship, would otherwise be unable to attend. Pupils who are in receipt of Free School Meals or receive Pupil Premium, will be eligible for such funding and it may be possible to offer some financial assistance to other families. If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please contact Ms Pearce at A key element to any successful application will be the positive contribution made by the pupil to life at Cambourne Village College.

The school insurance policy covers pupils for medical, personal accident, and personal effects and money. Further details are available from the College on request.

Parents should note that participation in extra-curricular activities is a privilege which is offered to pupils who consistently meet our Code of Conduct; students who do not meet high expectations of behaviour may not be offered the opportunity to take part in such events. If a pupil is removed from a trip by parents/carers, after payment has been made, the school will keep the deposit and make a decision on the repayment of any further monies. The school reserves the right to remove a pupil from a trip or visit at any point before the visit takes place, if the pupil is not meeting the school’s Code of Conduct and/or Behaviour policies. In this case, the deposit paid by the parents/carers will be kept by the school and the refund of any further monies would depend on whether another the place can be filled by another pupil.

A list of trips which may be offered to each year group are shown on each Year Group pages. This has been done at parents' request to help with budgeting; however this is only a guideline. 

Trips & Educational Visits Coordinator
Victoria Pearce
Tel | 01954 284 032
Email |

Head of Extra Curricular Activities
James Russen
Tel | 01954 284 044
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