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The last date for guaranteed orders before the start of the new school year 2022-23 from TOTAL CLOTHING is Wednesday 10th August.

There will be an in-school sizing event over Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th August by ESSENTIAL SCHOOLWEAR, which will be another opportunity to purchase uniform.

We believe that wearing uniform helps to create a sense of identity and community in school. Our uniform is smart, practical and comfortable and we expect pupils to wear it with pride when at school, on journeys between home and school, and especially when representing the school on visits and fixtures.  Pupils who do not meet our expectations about uniform will usually receive a sanction.

Please note that school-branded items should be purchased from our school suppliers, Essential Schoolwear (daily wear) and Total Clothing (daily wear, PE kits and GCSE Dance/Drama uniform).

We will run second-hand uniform events when possible. If you would like to check our second-hand uniform availability, please complete the form below to submit your enquiry: Second-Hand Uniform Request. Please allow 48 hours for a response.

Families who find it difficult to afford school uniform at any time should contact their year team admin (details below), in complete confidence, so that a way forward can be found:

Year 7 – Mrs Louise Eadie  

Year 8 – Miss Louise Boyd  

Year 9 – Mrs Melanie Stanford

Year 10 – Mrs Kayleigh Blane  

Year 11 – Mrs Samantha Tomlinson




Branded College blue polo shirt. (Grey for Prefects).  Any garment worn under the polo shirt must not be visible whether the shirt is worn buttoned or unbuttoned.


Branded grey College sweatshirt (Black for Year 11). The College sweatshirt must always be worn as the next layer over the polo shirt, when another layer is required.


Branded College trousers – should finish below the ankle.  They must be worn with plain socks in either grey, black or white.


Branded skirt – should finish at the knee. Skirts are worn with unpatterned black or neutral tights, or with socks in either grey, black or white.



Branded shorts may be worn.  They must be worn with plain socks in either grey, black or white.


These should be flat and all black with no contrasting logos or symbols. They should be of a traditional style and suitable for movement around a large, busy school. They must be able to be securely fastened and worn accordingly. Boots, open sandals and high heels are not acceptable. Canvas /fabric shoes are not acceptable.


A minimal amount of discreet jewellery which is inoffensive and cannot cause a hazard, may be worn.  Nose studs and other facial piercings are not allowed. All jewellery and piercings must be completely removed for PE.


Extreme haircuts and colours as judged by the College are not allowed.

Make Up

Natural-looking make-up may be worn.  Long fingernails are not acceptable for safety reasons.  Fingernails should not be visible above the fingers when the hand is viewed from the palm.

Identity Badges

Name badges are issued to all pupils upon entry to the school and are worn on the front of the jumper.  This is a compulsory part of the uniform.

Outside wear

When travelling to and from school and when outside the school building, pupils are allowed to wear all items of outdoor clothing, including coats, jackets, hoodies, scarves, gloves and hats. None of these should have inappropriate slogans or logos. These should be removed before entering the building.




Red CamVC T-shirt

Plain Black Shorts (not cycling shorts nor skin-tight shorts) and/or skort OR

Plain Black Tracksuit Trousers (Our field is very windy) OR CamVC Black Leggings * OR all three 

Long Black Hockey/Football Socks or an alternative pair of sports socks

Indoor Trainers (Not school shoes or pumps eg Vans, Converse, Air Force 1s)

Outdoor Astro Trainers (for football, rugby and hockey on the 3G) **

Shin Pads (for football and hockey)



CamVC Black Leggings

A plain black, red or white base layer top

Red CamVC Hoody

Red CamVC Rugby Top

Gum Shields for rugby and hockey are strongly recommended for both lessons & fixtures.


* CamVC Black Leggings: The only black leggings that will be allowed in PE lessons will be CamVC black leggings purchased from the School PE Kit Provider. These have a clear CamVC PE logo down the back calf to be easily identifiable.

** Outdoor “Astro-style” studs: These are training shoes that have soles with a higher-than-normal raised moulded pattern, for use on artificial grass surfaces. Boots need to have either dimpled soles, plastic studs or moulded blades; flat soled trainers, metal capped or metal studs are not permitted for health and safety reasons and for maintenance of the artificial infill.