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Work Experience

It is with regret and disappointment that we have decided not to proceed with a Work Experience programme for Year 10 in July 2021. We have canvassed the employers who would normally be keen to give our youngsters a Work Experience opportunity; many have indicated that they cannot do so because of ongoing uncertainties with Covid-19, or that they would have to delay their decision considerably.  Year 10 will nevertheless be exploring the world of work in the curriculum. We are considering what support may be given to pupils who wish to seek a work experience placement during a school holiday, albeit under parental responsibility.


Work experience is a great opportunity for Year 10 pupils to experience the world of work and begin to think about their future. They will also develop numerous skills before and during their work experience;

  • Writing a CV
  • Working in a professional environment
  • Time management
  • Responsibility

The work experience process is launched during the first half of the Autumn Term each year, with a checkpoint to monitor progress towards the end of the Autumn Term. During PSHE lessons, pupils will learn how to compile a CV and how to make contact with companies via email/phone. All work experience forms must be completed soon after the Christmas break with all placements confirmed before Spring Half Term. Members of Cambourne VC staff will visit pupils during their placements.