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Year 11 Trips

The information below gives a snapshot of the trips available to pupils in various year groups. There is a wide variety of trips available to pupils during each school year throughout their time at Cambourne. Please note that the trips offered change year on year and are reliant on what staff can offer, with considerations of cost and educational benefits. We would stress that other trips may not be regularly offered or guaranteed, but have provided information on previous destinations to give you a taste of what could be on offer for your child in order for you to see the variety and scale, and to assist with any budgeting considerations.




Approx. Cost

Approximate No of Places

Curriculum Extension Days

Autumn term



Whole Year Group

GCSE related Trips (e.g. English, Animal Care, PE, DT, Geography fieldtrips, History and Drama)

Spring/Summer term

Day visits/Evenings



Cultural Capital Experience (London)

Spring term

Day visit


Pupil Premium/FSM






Snowsport (International)

Sprint term

8 days

£1,600 – 1,800


Open to all

Year 11 Leavers Celebrations

(Hoodie, Yearbook, Prom and Leavers Activities)

Summer term

One Day/Evening event


Whole Year group