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Year 8



Head of Year: Mr W Patrick

Assistant Head of Year: Mr N Yousuf

Pastoral Assistant: Ms L Lye (Mrs L Eadie - mat leave)

SLG:  Ms A Hodgson

Assembly: Tuesday



Ms L Gassner  


Miss R Williams       


Ms L Wood / Miss Thorne                                         


Mr R Beaumont          


Miss M Doyle / Mrs V Olsen-Dry  


Ms R Daniels  


Mr M Balding             


Ms R Shaw                              


Mr T Thomas              


Miss J Angell       


Welcome from the Head of Year 8

By now, your child has established new friendships and adjusted to life at secondary school. Year 8 affords all students a fresh opportunity to build on successes and, where necessary, the support to make course corrections. Having witnessed first-hand the level of positivity and fortitude among this group of students, I am certain that they will make the most of this important year in their secondary education.

With adaptability of paramount importance, Year 8 students will be encouraged to seek out new ways to stretch and test themselves, outside of lessons as well as within. We engage our students with a rich curriculum across all our departments—Year 8 students will develop their understanding of topics at a deeper level and be empowered to pursue areas of interest piqued in Year 7. It was a pleasure, across last year, to discover the numerous talents, passions and skills that so many of this year group possess, ranging from sport, to music, to drama and art. I would encourage all Year 8 students to continue to use lessons and extra-curricular activities to foster these areas of interest and inspire their creativity to flourish.

As ever, the Year 8 team will strive to ensure that students under our care receive an excellent standard of pastoral care. I am very proud of the relationships that our tutors have established with their tutees and am certain that Year 8 students will continue to look to these key members of staff to help support them through issues that arise throughout this year. Our pastoral programme will focus on addressing ways to help students build resilience, on engaging with school and local civic initiatives and on making sure students are empowered to identify and interact with the national and global issues that affect all our lives.

I look forward to working with Year 8 students and parents alike to help make this year an enjoyable, productive and successful one.

Mr W Patrick