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Year 9



Head of Year: Mr D Went 

Assistant Head of Year: Miss L Phillips

Pastoral Assistant: Miss L Boyd

SLG:  Mr J Russen

Assembly: Friday



Mr S Smyth


Ms J Ciantar


Ms L Jusu


Ms H Curtis


Mrs N Vassallo / Mrs S Minnaar


Ms E Rymill


Ms K Morris


Ms A Cockbain / Mrs B Federle 


Mr T Sanford


Welcome from the Head of Year 9

Year 9 is, undoubtedly, an important and exciting time for students at Cambourne Village College. With the GCSE options process taking place, decisions that students will make in Year 9 will impact not only the rest of their time at Cambourne Village College but also their long-term futures. Throughout this process, I would encourage all students to communicate any concerns/queries with their subject specialist teachers, who are able to offer detailed and expert insight at this critical time, as well as with parents/carers at home. As ever, the Year 9 pastoral team will be on hand to advise, guide and support.

The Year 9 team is dedicated to ensuring that our students receive an excellent standard of pastoral care. The relationships that our tutors have established with their tutees over the past two years is fundamental to this and I am confident Year 9 students will continue to look to these key members of staff to help support them through issues that arise throughout this year. Please do communicate with your child’s tutor any queries or concerns you may have; they are their first point of contact every day and are ideally placed to act upon information you may need to relay.

In this final year of their Key Stage 3 education, I am looking forward to seeing my cohort’s development continue and flourish.  The enthusiasm, ambition and dedication to their studies that has become characteristic of this group of young people will, I am confident, help to ensure that this year is every bit as successful as those that have preceded it.

Mr D Went