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Cambourne Village College Young Carers Commitment Statement

At Cambourne Village College we are committed to providing help and support for young carers. We are aware that some students may have to take on further responsibilities at home which means they may require and benefit from further support to help them attend, enjoy and achieve in School in the same way as other students.

Definition of a young carer

 A young carer is someone under 18 who helps look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled, has a mental health condition or misuses drugs or alcohol. (Carers Trust)

At Cambourne Village College we have the following measures in place to support Young Carers:

  • A whole School commitment to supporting and meeting the needs of Young Carers so they can enjoy School in the same way as other students and achieve their potential.
  • Appointed Young Carer Champions. Pupils are aware of who the champions are and how to contact the Champions. The Young Carers Champions are Mark Yeates and Emily Smith. The Young Carers Champions role will be to offer support for Young Carers in School, this may include looking at where students need more flexibility within their School life due to their caring responsibilities.
  • An Appointed Strategic Lead for Young Carers. This explores a whole School approach for Young Carers. The Strategic Lead is Mark Yeates.
  • An After-School group offering for Young Carers to engage in different activities and engage in support led by a Young Carer Champion/s. (Due to Covid regulations this is likely to return in September 2021)
  • Drop-in lunchtime support for Young Carers to discuss any worries they may have or any current barriers they may be facing to learning led by a Young Carer Champion/s. These will take place on Monday lunchtimes with Miss Smith in the Link Provision.
  • An effective referral system for accessing further support for Young Carers, this may be through Centre 33 Young Carer’s Project or the School Nursing Team.
  • Accessible information for staff so that Young Carers are identified as well as clear information for students to self-identify.

If you would like further information on Young Carers, please contact either Mark Yeates at or Students are encouraged to contact the Young Carers Team at