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Public Consultation:  ‘Proposal to Expand 11 to 16 Capacity at Cambourne Village College from September 2023’

Cambourne Village College is seeking to increase its 11-16 capacity from September 2023.

The need for an increase in capacity

The 11-16 capacity needs to expand further in order to meet known demand for further places from the community of Cambourne. This specifically relates to the development of Cambourne West and the planned construction of a further 2350 dwellings on land immediately adjacent to the school.  If there are to be sufficient local secondary school places available for the larger Cambourne population, then the County Council is clear that an expansion of capacity at Cambourne Village College is required. The Cam Academy Trust and Cambourne Village College have been working closely with the Local Authority to develop plans to confirm how this development might appropriately happen. The Local Authority will be funding the proposed increase in capacity that is associated with the anticipated increase in the local population.

The specific proposal

It is proposed to increase the 11-16 capacity of the school to 1650 through the construction of new facilities. This development is scheduled to be complete by September 2023 and will accommodate an increased Pupil Admission Number for Year 7 of 330. This is the number calculated to be needed if secondary-aged pupils living in Cambourne are to be able to secure a place at the school.

There is a further proposal, separate from this, also to open a new Sixth Form at Cambourne Village College for 350 places from September 2023. This has also been developed in conjunction with the Local Authority in order to seek to meet increased demand for post-16 places in the area. Consultation has already taken place on this proposal.

Comments and questions regarding this proposal to expand the 11-16 capacity of Cambourne Village College in the way proposed are welcome. Please could all comments and questions be emailed to the following email address:

  • Link to Proposed Plans.
  • Link to Video ‘Fly Through’. Please note that landscaping has not been finalised on this guide to the proposed building layout which currently appears very grey.

The consultation will conclude on Friday 2 July