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Art - KS4 - Art, Craft and Design

At KS4, pupils have the chance to study GCSE Art, Craft and Design. We follow the Eduqas specification for Art, Craft and Design GCSE. Within this, there are options to specialise and be entered for 3D or Fine Art. We choose to work with this course specification as it values creative making and encourages pupils to explore ideas, self-direct within themes and personalise their learning journey.

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Curriculum Year 10 / Year 11


Supporting your child

Extended learning


Exam Board and Course

A link to course area of Eduqas website is below:


Year 10

What students will learn

How it builds on learning
































The first term of Year 10 is spent gaining skills within three of the course Assessment Objectives. Each are worth 25% of final mark:


AO1 Critical understanding; develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating critical understanding of sources.


AO2 Creative making; refine work by exploring ideas, selecting and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes.


AO3 Reflective recording; record ideas, observations and insights relevant to intentions as work progresses.


Pupils will explore and develop ideas through techniques covered in KS3 as well as in new process such as:

-          Dry-point printing

-          Acrylic painting

-          Oil painting

-          Digital drawing





From February, pupils start to compile and make plans for the Unit 1 Portfolio. In this they will reflect on the first term, build on ideas and select their coursework themes.


Up until the summer, they will explore ideas relating to their themes, working to provide evidence of all three assessment objectives already mentioned above.








The first term of Year 10 will lean heavily on practical and analytical skills and approaches developed through KS3.


Beyond introducing new processes like acrylic and oil painting, pupils will be pushed to develop reflective and evaluative skills and the importance of experimentation in developing ideas.














Pupils will increasingly ‘self-direct’ and need to show independence in their ability to progress while showing evidence of work that can be rewarded against the three assessment objectives introduced in term 1.








What students will learn

How it builds on learning



















Pupils will learn how to ‘refine’ an idea toward a final outcome. We will look at the final assessment objective, worth 25% of final mark:


AO4 Personal Presentation Present a personal and meaningful response that realises intentions and demonstrates understanding of visual language.




At the start of January pupils will receive and Exam Booklet and commence work on their Externally Set Assignment Unit.


This unit will culminate in a 10 hour exam spread across two school days.



In completing their final outcome, pupils will learn and demonstrate skills in planning, time management and the sustained focus and resilience needed to realise an ambitious piece.






In completing their Externally Set Assignment Unit, pupils will need to apply their knowledge and skills in all assessment areas but in a more decisive. They will use their experiences from Unit 1 to identify a direction and creative response, explore it and refine it efficiently and with purpose toward their final outcome.


Teacher assessment and feedback will be ongoing and detailed. As pupils move through the Units, they will have increasingly personalised feedback and targets to act on. These will inform regular review of progress against teacher targets and predicted grades.

Supporting your child

What you can do at home:

Try to get your child out to see some art. We will have a noticeboard up in department and also send info on the parent bulletin about local and national exhibitions and events.


You will be given the opportunity to order an art ‘starter pack’ through the school. We offer this to try and buy in bulk and save you some money. Details about ordering the pack will be communicated around the end of year 9. The cost will be around £28. In the pack will be:

  • A3 Hardback sketchbook
  • A4 Sketchbook
  • Sketching pencils
  • Drawing pen
  • Set of acrylic paints
  • Set of watercolour paints
  • Various brushes
  • Oil pastels
  • A carry case

Extended learning

Homework policy:

GCSE pupils are required to complete 60 minutes of homework/independent study per week

Clubs/ Enrichment opportunities:

Catch up sessions for GCSE Art will run as and when needed. There will be an open door for these sessions but, if they are falling behind or need extra support, your child might be ‘invited’ to these catch-up sessions!

Extended study suggestions and reading lists:

We will endeavour to highlight local opportunities for workshops and events through the parent bulletin.

On the Art and Design subject area of the CATalogue is a list of useful tutorials your child might want to investigate in order to push and develop their skills further.

Possible trips and visits:

Cambridge drawing trips

London galleries trip

4-day trip to Berlin