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Computing - KS4 - Creative iMedia

This course has been revised for new entrants from Sept. 2022. Students in Year 11 in 2022-23 can find their course information here.

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Curriculum Year 10 / Year 11


Supporting your child

Extended learning

Exam Board and Course Code

Cambridge National in Creative iMedia Level 1/2 J834




What students will learn

How it builds on learning


R093 Creative iMedia in the Media Industry

In this unit pupils learn about the media industry, digital media products, how they are planned and the media codes which are used to convey meaning, create impact and engage audiences. Topics include: The media industry, factors influencing product

design, pre-production planning, and distribution considerations.

This is the first unit taught as it underpins all others in the course. Pupils may have come across some concepts such as mind maps and mood boards, research and target audiences before, but much of this is expected to be new learning about the media industry and product design.

R094 Visual Identity and Digital Graphics

In this unit pupils learn how to develop visual identities for clients and use the concepts of graphic design to create original digital graphics to engage target audiences. Topics include: Developing visual identity, planning digital graphics for products, and creating visual identity and digital graphics.

The understanding of factors influencing product design, pre-production planning and distribution considerations recur from R093 and are used here when exploring visual identity and planning and creating digital graphics. The creativity fostered in KS3 Computing is drawn upon here, in particular the skills from the Digital Graphics unit from Year 8.


What students will learn

How it builds on learning


R099 Digital Games

In this unit pupils learn how to plan, create and review digital games. Topics include: planning digital games, creating digital games, and reviewing digital games.

As in R094, elements of R093 are needed to access this unit, such as planning and design considerations, as well as product design. While pupils have not explicitly made games in their time at the school, they have explored programming concepts in depth and are used to following algorithms to design a solution to a task.

R093 Creative iMedia in the Media Industry (again)

We return to this unit to finish learning the last few aspects before revising and preparing for the final exam.

By returning to R093 for the terminal exam having studied most of the unit already and since completed projects for R094 and R099,


R093 is assessed via external exam at the end of Year 11; a written paper that allows pupils to demonstrate their knowledge and apply their understanding. This is worth 40% of the final grade. The other two units are assessed via in-class projects or Non-Examined Assessments which are internally moderated and externally verified. These projects build upon the learning from each unit and require pupils to complete a number of tasks planning, designing and developing creative media products. The graphics unit is worth 25% of the final grade and the games unit worth 35%. Throughout the course pupils will sit past papers and exam questions and will receive feedback as they develop their in-class projects. Verbal feedback and 1-to-1 conversations give pupils support and targets for further improvements.

Supporting your child

What you can do at home:

To support at home please just take an interest and ensure that subject homework is completed in a timely manner. Video games are a key part of the course so please do allow pupils to play some games from time to time!


No additional equipment is required for Creative iMedia lessons.

Extended learning

Homework policy:

Homework is set throughout the course where it is meaningful and appropriate. This may take the form of exam questions to complete and be marked, watching videos and taking notes in a flipped learning approach, and in consolidating skills and understanding through activities building upon lessons.

Clubs/ Enrichment opportunities:

Creative iMedia pupils are always welcome in the Department at lunchtimes or afterschool to drop-in and practise or complete work. Focused revision sessions run near exams and pupils may wish to attend clubs for image editing and games design.

Extended study suggestions and reading lists:

There are a number of text/exercise books which are largely unnecessary, but if you are adamant you want to buy a book you could look at either the PG Online book which covers only R093 and R094, or the Hodder Education book which covers all 3 units and many others which we do not cover.

For those who want to improve their skills with games design and digital graphics, it would be helpful to install GDevelop and GIMP on a home PC. GDevelop will run in a web browser or on iPad as well and has a number of helpful tutorials and guides for new games built into the software. There are myriad videos on YouTube for learning skills in both pieces of software such as Davies Media Design for GIMP and the official GDevelop channel.

Possible trips and visits:

We do not have any trips or visits planned on the Creative iMedia course but are open to suggestions.