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GCSE Design & Technology - Revision

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Assessment Type


% of Course



Design and Technology (1-9)

Unit 01 - Principles of Design and Technology

Written Paper

2 hours


Units 02/03 - Iterative Design Challenge

Non-Exam Assessment

Approx. 40 hours


Specific strategies

  • Spaced learning (little and often).
  • Flash cards with key terms and key questions.
  • Exam questions in various ways: open book, closed book, read question, find/ review information, complete timed question and timed closed book.
  • Mind maps.
  • FOR ALL – use mark schemes to assess and improve: see catalogue.

Revision areas

  • Exploring the context of a design solution
  • Usability
  • Opportunities and constraints that influence design and making
  • Developments in technology and their influence on design decisions and practice
  • The impact of new and emerging technologies when developing design solutions
  • Sources of energy
  • Environmental, social and economic influences
  • Communicating design solutions
  • Sources of information and thinking when problem solving
  • Categories of materials
  • Characteristics properties of materials
  • Controlled movement
  • Electronic systems
  • The impact of new and emerging technologies on production techniques and systems
  • One in-depth material: Polymer done in class

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