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German - Key Stage 3

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Curriculum Year 7 / Year 8 / Year 9


Supporting your child

Extended learning



What pupils will learn

How it builds on learning


Pupils in specified form groups will begin learning German in February 2023.


The sounds of German; basic greetings

Compare and contrast with English and Spanish; pupils look again at how sounds and spellings are represented

Introducing nouns with the German for “the” and “a”

Builds on the concept of gender learnt in Spanish; practice of German pronunciation

Countries – verbs “sein” and “haben”

Builds into the basic conversations with greetings; practice of pronunciation

Schoolbag items

Practice of words for the/a and of the verbs “haben” and “sein”

Age and birthday

Builds on the earlier introduction of numbers and months build on the skill of comparing with English

Plurals and question words

Build on earlier basic dialogues and key questions; build on work with nouns and pronunciation

Describing personality and favourite things

Practice and consolidation of “sein”


Practice of favourite things; use to practise with schoolbag items

Free time; opinions

Continued practice of pronunciation, questions, answers; introduction of regular verbs following “sein” and “haben”; using cognates to increase vocabulary; further practice of question words

Places in town

Build on work on nouns and gender

Summer plans – present tense with future meaning

Practise and extend free time and opinions


What pupils will learn

How it builds on learning


Places in town

Build on work on nouns and gender

Summer plans - future

Practise and extend free time and opinions

School subjects

Build on sentence structure with inverted word order and subordinate clauses; build on opinions; describing teachers and revising personality; telling the time to build on numbers

Food and drink

Builds on gender, opinions, question words and work on word order

Family – describing people

Builds on work on personality and colours, and work with the verbs “sein” and “haben”. 

Revision of verbs and word order

Revision of verbs, word order and opinions


What pupils will learn

How it builds on learning



Holidays – past present and future

Introduction of past and future tenses builds on earlier work on verbs; revision of opinions, countries, word order

Wild auf Musik

Revision and extension of opinions and of use of cognates; revision of questions and word order; description of a trip to a concert/festival to revise tenses and opinions

Life at school – introduction of imperfect tense with a range of verbs; seit + present tense

Builds on Year 8 topic; revision of colours; clothes to revise gender and use of articles; use of modals to describe school rules builds on previous work on verbs and word order; class trip sub-topic to revise tenses; describing the school day builds on work on telling the time


Extension of opinions and continued practice with tenses and word order

Summer intervention

Revision of key grammar points to book-end the course for those discontinuing German and to provide a firm basis for those starting the GCSE course


Two skills out of listening, speaking, reading and writing per term (excl. spring Year 7)

Supporting your child

What you can do at home:

Encourage them to use the Language Guide (on Microsoft Teams – Files, Class Materials) to review vocabulary and grammar regularly;

Encourage them to read aloud – to practise German in a low-stakes way;

Test them with vocabulary learning;

Listen to German language music/radio using e.g. the app or

Keep an eye out for films, documentaries, travelogues etc featuring the German-speaking world

Extended learning

Homework policy:

Pupils will be typically be set homework on their last German lesson of the week due for the last lesson of the following week.

Extended study suggestions and reading lists:

All lessons are available on the CATalogue

BBC Bitesize Key Stage 3 German – pupils provided with a log-in and password at the start of the year - pupils create a log-in and password when they start languages at CamVC - pupils provided with a log-in and password at the start of the year online German courses

Possible trips and visits:

German exchange visit to Bad Hersfeld and study visit to Aachen