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Physical Education [PE]

Head of Department: Miss H Curtis

Teacher i/c of BTEC Sport: Miss L Gassner



Physical Education at Cambourne Village College is an opportunity for pupils to experience a broad range of sports and activities that support their physical, social and emotional development. Within PE, we look to enhance not only our pupils’ sporting skills but their technical knowledge and understanding as well as their coaching, leadership and officiating skills. In addition to the practical side, we also look at a range of concepts and life skills which will support our pupils throughout their lives.

Pupils will have access to fantastic facilities, and an exciting and challenging curriculum delivered by enthusiastic and committed teachers.

Click on the image below to read further about what pupils will cover in each year group within Core PE.


Red CamVC Polo T-shirt

Plain Black Shorts (not cycling shorts nor skin-tight shorts) and/or skort OR

Plain Black Tracksuit Trousers (Our field is very windy) OR CamVC Black Leggings * OR all three 

Long Black Hockey/Football Socks or an alternative pair of sports socks

Indoor Trainers (Not school shoes or pumps eg Vans, Converse, Air Force 1s)

Outdoor Astro Trainers (for football, rugby and hockey on the 3G) **

Shin Pads (for football and hockey)


CamVC Black Leggings

A plain black, red or white base layer top

Red CamVC Hoody

Red CamVC Rugby Top (strongly recommended for playing rugby)

Gum Shields for rugby and hockey are strongly recommended for both lessons & fixtures.

* CamVC Black Leggings: The only black leggings that will be allowed in PE lessons will be CamVC black leggings purchased from the School PE Kit Provider. These have a clear CamVC PE logo down the back calf to be easily identifiable.

** Outdoor “Astro-style” studs: These are training shoes that have soles with a higher-than-normal raised moulded pattern, for use on artificial grass surfaces. Boots need to have either dimpled soles, plastic studs or moulded blades; flat soled trainers, metal capped or metal studs are not permitted for health and safety reasons and for maintenance of the artificial infill.


This includes earrings in any part of the ear.  


Extended Study Information

At Cambourne Village College we offer a wide variety of sport and dance clubs after school. Many of which include fixtures against other local schools.

Posters are displayed outside the PE office and all team information is put up before the fixture so pupils can let their parents know.

Traditionally, pupils will have the opportunity to attend live sporting events throughout the year as well as being able to experience several different sports trips including a sport tour and a snowsports trip.

Visits / Extra-Curricular opportunities

Pupils will have the opportunity to complete a broad range of physical activities as part of the Cambourne extracurricular programme. This often extends to fixtures and tournaments that can take place as late as 6pm across the week.

The fixture list will be uploaded to the college website and is also visible to all students outside the PE office door.



Course Content

The course is made up of four components; Fitness and Body Systems, Health and Performance, Practical Performance and Personal Exercise Programme.

60% of the course will be assessed by two separate exams sat in the summer of year 11. Both exams will be made up of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions.

The theory side will cover the fitness and body systems unit pupils will cover and anatomy & physiology, movement analysis and physical training. The Health and performance component will include work on health, fitness and well-being, sport psychology and socio-cultural influence.

Coursework worth 10% will cover the analysis, monitoring and evaluation of a personal exercise plan based on building fitness in one of the practical sports being assessed.

30% will be practically assessed over three physical activities made up of team and individual activities.


Pupils will be given a range of different homework in order to consolidate and test their learning within the lesson. This may include exam questions, writing up notes from the practical or researching upcoming topics.


Pupils will be learning the theory side of the course through both theory lessons in a classroom as well as practical lessons. Pupils should ensure they have their PE kit in school for their practical lessons.

A GCSE PE t-shirt is available for purchase and aid their GCSE PE filming identification for the 30% practical part of the course. This can be worn in practical GCSE PE lessons as well as their year 10/11 core PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs.

It is expected that all pupils will be practicing their individual and team sports either in PE extra-curricular clubs or/and at their own local clubs. There will be limited time to practice this in lesson time.


All GCSE PE pupils should be attending PE extra-curricular clubs, along side external sports clubs,  in order to be able to film their GCSE PE practical element to the best of their ability.

Traditionally, an indoor climbing trip to Grafham Water is organised to support students in the filming of a third, individual sport. This is normally over 4-5 weeks.



Course Content

The course will consist of four different units completed over the two years; Fitness for Sport and Exercise, Practical Sports Performance, Training for Personal Fitness, Leading Sports Activities.

75% of the course is assessed internally through coursework activities such as written assignments, practical demonstrations, presentations and observation. Pupils will achieve a pass, merit or distinction for each unit, these will contribute to their overall result.

There is one externally assessed one-hour computer-based exam made up of multiple choice and short answer questions. The exam will be taken at the end of unit one and will be assessing the pupils’ knowledge on fitness for sport and exercise. This test can be retaken to improve your mark.


Pupils will be expected to be completing coursework in time for deadlines. Pupils may need to use their own time to meet these deadlines.

In addition there will be a BTEC catch up club running after school to support pupils in completing their work and meeting deadlines.


Pupils will be completing the theory side of the course through both theory lessons in an IT room as well as practical lessons. Pupils should ensure they have their PE kit in school for their practical lessons.

A BTEC PE t-shirt is available for purchase. This can be worn in practical BTEC PE lessons as well as their year 10/11 core PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs.


It is expected that all pupils will be regularly taking part in sport and exercise both in school at extra-curricular clubs and at external clubs as well. 

Any pupils who want to develop their leadership skills in preparation for the year 11 unit are welcome to come and talk to the PE department and come and help in after school clubs.