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Curriculum Year 10 / Year 11


Supporting your child

Extended learning

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Pearson BTEC Level1/Level2 First Award in Sport



What students will learn

How it builds on learning


Unit 2: Practical performance in sport
Students will investigate two sports in detail, exploring the rules, regulations and scoring systems for a team and individual sport. They will compare and contrast the merits of each, before drawing conclusions on how rules and regulations could be improved for players and spectators. Students will practically demonstrate their skills, techniques and tactics in both a team and individual sport, before reviewing their own performance in these activities and suggesting aspects of their performance as strengths and development needs.

This unit will build on previous core PE knowledge and understanding of team and individual sports studied in KS3 -for example, football, basketball, rugby, netball, badminton, tennis and table tennis. This unit will allow pupils to begin to draw on knowledge of fitness and impact on performance. 

Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise
In this unit, students will learn about the physical and skil- related components of fitness and how these components impact a performer. They will learn how to test each component of fitness and will determine their own fitness test scores by completing each test. Students will then learn about and perform a variety of training methods used to improve each component of fitness. 

Students will be able to build on their knowledge and understanding of fitness studied in KS3. The unit will further develop concepts of fitness testing and training. Pupils will draw on skills and understanding from Maths when scoring fitness tests, working out averages and best scores, as well as comparing numerical data.


What students will learn

How it builds on learning


Unit 3: Applying the Principles of Personal Training

In this unit, students will study the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory system in detail, developing their understanding of the effects of exercise on the body. Drawing on their knowledge and understanding of fitness (Unit 1), and their performance in two sports (Unit 2), students will independently design and then complete their own personal fitness training programme over a period of 7 weeks. Throughout their programme, students will review and reflect on each session, suggesting ways in which it could be improved, before completing an overall review of their programme.

This unit draws on the knowledge and understanding of fitness testing and training developed in Unit 1 and allows pupils to apply this knowledge in a practical setting. Further, pupils will also draw on reflections from their performance in sports in Unit 2 and design their programme to correspond to their development needs.

Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities

The final unit of study sees pupils developing their knowledge and understanding of the qualities associated with sports leadership. Pupils will be given the opportunity to study two sports leaders in detail, identifying attributes and qualities they possess to make them successful. Pupils will then be given the opportunity to become a leader of sport and will plan and lead a sports activity session to Year 7 pupils. Finally, pupils will reflect on and review their leadership of the session and will suggest ways they could improve.

This unit will build on prior learning in both KS3 and KS4 core PE in terms of warm-ups, developmental activities, conditioned games and cool-downs. Pupils will draw on their experience of planning a session from Unit 3 and apply this knowledge and understanding throughout the unit. Pupils will reflect on their performance and develop their ability to do so from Unit 2 and Unit 3.


BTEC Sport is made up of four units, with each unit being assessed and graded. The grades for each unit are combined to give a final overall grade for the course. Grades are Level 1 Pass, Level 2 Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction*.

Unit 2, Unit 3 and Unit 6 are all coursework-based and assessed units. Within each unit, pupils will sit assignments which are marked and graded. The grade from each assignment goes towards their overall grade for the unit. Pupils have one resit opportunity for each assignment. Assignments comprise both written and practical aspects. All written work is completed on documents saved in Teams, which pupils have access to in lessons, in school and at home.

Unit 1 is assessed as an exam. The exam lasts 1 hour 15 minutes and is sat on a computer. The paper is marked and graded. Pupils have one resit opportunity, and the best grade is used as their grade for this unit.

Supporting your child

What you can do at home:

Ensuring your child is completing any coursework if they missed or were absent for any lessons or if they did not complete the work during lesson time.

Ensuring your child has a full change of PE kit on the days they will be completing practical work during BTEC lessons.


Pupils should bring a fully charged iPad to every BTEC sport lesson. There will be no exercise books but rather all work will be saved in and completed on Teams. Pupils should ensure they have a full change of PE kit, including shoes, on the days they have BTEC.

Extended learning

Homework policy:

During Unit 1, homework will be set to consolidate and extend understanding and should be undertaken with care. Students should expect to spend at least 30 to 45 minutes each week on this.

For Unit 2,3 and 6, pupils will be asked to complete any unfinished work at home.

Clubs/ Enrichment opportunities:

PE clubs and fixtures will support students with their knowledge and understanding of different sports. 

BTEC revision sessions held weekly as per the PE timetable.

Extended study suggestions and reading lists:

All extended student revision