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Parent Bulletin: 21.05.2021

21st May 2021

This week's parent bulletin is available here:


Dear Parents and Carers

Covid Testing

Thank you so much to all the families who have registered their Covid test results this week – for a fantastic 93% of all students. Please do continue with this in order to keep school functioning as safely as possible.

Year 11

Next Friday we will celebrate their last day at school with Year 11, after their intensive programme of assessment. I’m sorry that we can’t invite parents to a Leavers’ Assembly as we would normally do; however, Mr Patrick and his team have been working hard to create a memorable event for them. All Year 11 students will need to be available for the week after half term to complete any assessments and administration outstanding, and a full programme of on-line work will be available for them to pursue at home for the rest of June.

Public Consultations

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the last two Consultations published on our website:  one to open a Sixth Form Centre on site, and the other to increase the size of the school buildings.  We are now consulting on the third part of these plans and information is available on the home page of our website which explains the proposal to expand 11 – 16 student capacity at Cambourne Village College from September 2023. The proposal can be viewed on this link and your comments are warmly invited. 

Early Closure Thursday 27 May

Thank you for confirming whether your child needs supervision / a school meal on Thursday 27th when we are closing school early for moderation of Year 11 assessments. If your child receives Free School Meals, they will be able to spend their usual allowance on food at break time.

Please remember that all children in Years 7-10 will have a home learning task to do during the afternoon, set on SMHW and to be submitted on Teams.

In memory of Dilni

Our colleagues at Monkfield Park Primary School have asked us to share this message with you:

Many of the families at Cambourne Village College will know of Dilni, who sadly passed away last year whilst in Year 6 at Monkfield Park Primary School. A fundraising effort has been launched for a reflection garden for all the Children at Monkfield Park, as a quiet space away from the busy nature of the playground that will also act as a lasting tribute to Dilni.

If you would like to donate towards the development of a reflection garden please see here for more information:


Wishing you all a very good - and hopefully less blustery – weekend!

Claire Coates

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