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Parent Bulletin: 23.04.2021

23rd April 2021

This week's parent bulletin is available here:


Dear Parents and Carers

This has been a week of solid hard work in the classroom. Lessons have looked highly engaging and pupil behaviour is mainly very good. Year 11 are working particularly hard on their GCSE assessments, and staff are working equally hard to ensure that the extra marking being generated is done fairly and meticulously. 

Expansion Consultation

Please take a look at the plans and information about the next stage of building at the College, which can be reached via a link on the home page of our website. There is a link for you to make your comments if you would like to.

Covid Testing

I know that none of us are enjoying this process… but by supervising your children to self-administer their tests, and then uploading their results, you’re doing a vitally important job in helping us to keep everyone safe, and school open. Please continue every Wednesday and Sunday; your support with this is tremendously appreciated.

Face Coverings

Please remember that until 17 May, the Government has advised that face coverings should be worn in classrooms and all indoor areas of school. Please make sure that your child has a reusable face-covering and is not relying on disposable masks; we are having to issue very many of these.

Social Restrictions

Despite the encouraging reports about decreasing Covid Levels in South Cambridgeshire, we still need to follow the Government guidance which can be viewed on this link. Please remember in particular that students should not be visiting inside other students’ houses until the next easing of restrictions.

Bikes and Scooters

We have a number of bikes which have been abandoned at school – please see the pictures later in the bulletin. Please contact us if one of these is yours; we will donate the unclaimed cycles to charity after 4 May. 

Lots more students are now using locks on their bikes and scooters – thank you for providing these.  Please remember that at times the cycle sheds are unlocked and unsupervised during the school day, and are right next to the public bridle-path. All items are left in the bike sheds at the owner’s risk, so please do encourage your child to use their lock.


Take care, and wishing everyone a very good weekend,

Claire Coates

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