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Parent Bulletin: 25.06.2021

25th June 2021

This week's parent bulletin is available here:


Dear Parents and Carers

At school we are busy with preparation for next year: preparing timetables, budgets and resources for September – by which time, we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to put an end to separating pupils into year group ‘bubbles’ and allow full circulation to all areas of the school for everyone at all times. 

Coronavirus - There is growing concern about a further increase in case numbers in secondary schools across Cambs. We have been instructed to retain all protective measures in school and have been advised to cancel the new intake activities on site for the Year 6 primary children who are coming to us in September. It’s sad to have to do this for the second year running.  

The Secretary of State for Education has written an open letter to parents which can be accessed on this link. In this context, PLEASE continue to test your family and report the results on Wednesdays and Sundays. Last week, tests were reported for only 53% of our school population, and we know that the new strain of the virus is highly transmissible. If anyone in your family appears to have unusually developed hayfever, or has a headache, cold/runny nose, sore throat, or any of the classic symptoms of fever, cough and loss of taste/smell, please carry out a test immediately and if positive, isolate the whole household while a PCR test is carried out.

Peer on Peer Abuse - Many of you will be aware of the publicity surrounding the ‘Everyone’s Invited’ campaign earlier this year, and of the subsequent Ofsted report. The school’s response to this important issue can be seen on the facing page.

New Buildings - The design work on the accommodation for the planned school expansion from 2023 is going very well, and this week, Heads of Department have been looking at the small detail of their proposed new areas. The plans can be viewed with the Consultation information on our school website:

School Theatre - We have signed the contract for the first phase of fitting out the Performance Hall as a theatre, and work on this is scheduled to begin over the summer holiday. If all goes to plan, this year’s Christmas performances will be held in a brilliant new venue!

CamVC Virtual Sports Awards - Trophies have been engraved, medals have been polished and the PE department have changed out of their joggers. That can only mean one thing… It is the time of year again when we celebrate all the amazing achievements and successes of our pupils in PE and school sport. Just like last year, this has had to be completed virtually, but we hope you can enjoy the 3rd Annual Sports Awards Ceremony. Please CLICK HERE  in order to watch the video which goes live 4pm today. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, mentioned or who won an award.

Vacancies - We are still recruiting to fill some support staff roles for next term and have created a new position for a technically-adept teaching assistant to support remote learning. Please refer anyone you know who might be interested in these positions to our website.

Thank you all for your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely

Claire Coates

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