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Update 15.07.2020

15th July 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

With the last day of learning tomorrow, and final assemblies replacing learning on Friday, the end of term is almost upon us. I know that many of you have questions about the return to school in September and a link to a video presentation will be sent to you tomorrow which I hope will give you the information you would like. Following this, you will be able to submit questions to which we will compile and publish the answers.   

Thank you for the many donations of school uniform which have arrived at the school Reception.  We would be grateful for any more items that you’d be happy to recycle to a new home.  

Miss Curtis has asked for this information about PE Kit for September to be shared with you:

As you can all imagine, we often have to survive the wind and rain on the Cambourne school playing fields. In preparation for returning to PE lessons in September and with anticipation that more lessons will be outside than in previous years, it is strongly advised that every student has plenty of warm layers in order to be as comfortable in PE as possible. Their top layer must always be a CamVC PE top.

Students can purchase a CamVC branded rugby shirt, hoody and/or fleece from the school online PE retailer. In addition, students can wear any plain black tracksuit bottoms.

Please note that only the CamVC embossed black leggings can be worn in PE lessons. These can also be purchased from the school website:

Naming of Kit

Every year, many students misplace their whole PE kit or lose an item of it. Please label every item, including the bag. This way, any lost or misplaced kit will be more likely to be returned.

PE Footwear

The school PE kit requires all students to have two separate pairs of trainers. One pair should be an indoor pair of trainers (not canvas / Vans style shoes, nor school shoes). The other is a pair of trainers which can be worn specifically on the 3G astro. It is incredibly important that students have the correct footwear to avoid degrading the surface and reducing the life of the 3G pitch.   You may find the links below helpful.


If any families have any PE kit that no longer fits or any trainers or astro trainers that they no longer wear, we welcome all donations whatever size. Please deliver them in a plastic bag labelled FOR THE PE DEPARTMENT to the main school Reception.

Financial Support

Families who find it difficult to afford school uniform at any time should contact Mrs Katie Reynolds:, in complete confidence, so that a way forward can be found.

With best wishes and take care of yourselves,

Claire Coates


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