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Update 19.06.2020

19th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

A bumper bulletin for you this evening!

Reports:  Parents of pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 have been sent pupil reports today.  I hope that you find these informative and useful.

Handing in Work to Teachers:  Over the next week or so we will be moving to pupils submitting work to teachers by using the Assignments function in Microsoft Teams. Some of your children may already have submitted work this way. The Assignments feature is a much more sophisticated way of handing in work, but still very easy to use. Submitted work is much more easily accessed and organised, and teachers can share feedback in a variety of methods. Work will continue to be set using Show My Homework.

Teams is accessible through your child’s Office 365 account online (in the same way as OneDrive or email). It can also be downloaded for free as a desktop app, along with all the Microsoft Office apps, through the school Office 365 homepage ( If your child has a school iPad, they can download Teams from the Self-Service app. They should also download the OneNote app. Both apps are free to download on any mobile device.

If you would like to find out more about how Teams is being used by the school in general, you can watch this video.  Please share the attached help sheet Handing in Assignments with your child in order to make the change to Teams Assignments as smooth as possible.

Technical Support Drop-Ins: As of next week, a series of live weekly drop-in sessions is being hosted on Teams in order to give pupils an opportunity to ask for any technical support they need.  The first is on  Wednesday 24th June, 3.30pm – JOIN HERE  Further details are on the attachment Technical Drop-Ins.

Educational Research Survey: Thanks to those of you who supported your child to complete the research survey sent to us by Alex Feakes at UCL Institute of Education.  Alex has sent us some interim results, and a plea for more pupils to complete the survey, in order to provide us with more reliable data on pupils’ attitudes to learning during school closure. This is the link: isgd/MotiMetaStudy.  Alex’s very interim results are on the attachment Survey.

The Department for Education has asked for this update to be shared with parents although there is little new here for parents of secondary-age children:

PE Department Upcoming Events:   VIRTUAL SPORTS AWARDS     Message from Miss Curtis:

 On Friday 26th June we will be launching our virtual presentation of this year’s CamVC Sports Awards.  This will be available via Twitter, your child’s Show My Homework account and this bulletin.

NATIONAL SCHOOL SPORTS WEEK: Next week is NSSW 2020 and we will be having challenges each day for your child to get involved with. All the information will be on Show My Homework and Twitter. 


Thank you very much to everyone who have been getting involved in this challenge. We have travelled so far in only five days and through pretty much all weathers - so thank you for getting out and about and being involved.  However, today is not the last day and with glorious weather forecast for the weekend, I am hoping to see the kilometres fly up. It would be great if we could reach Australia - I’ve always wanted to go there!  Please do continue to log the distance on the link and let’s see how far we can travel. I will be updating the distances over the weekend on Twitter @CamVC_PE so do follow us and the great revealing of the final results will be on Monday afternoon. 

As of Friday 3.30pm

Whole trust: 12007km – in the Himalayas past Mount Everest

Total distance travelled per school:

1st: Cambourne: 4695km (Baku, Azerbaijan)

2nd: Comberton: 3929km (Giresun, Turkey)

3rd: St Peters: 2098km (Split, Croatia)

4th: Melbourn: 1483km (Prague, Czech Republic)

Average distance per school entry:

1st: Comberton: 13.5km

2nd: St Peters: 12.0km

3rd: Cambourne: 8.2km

4th: Melbourn: 6.4km


With all good wishes for a lovely weekend, everyone, and take good care of yourselves,

Claire Coates


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