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Update 23.03.2020

23rd March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Some updates for you:  Monday 23 March

Free School Meals

If your child receives free school meals, a packed lunch is available for them to collect between 12pm and 1pm.   Pupils should not come into the school building - a collection point is set up outside the Dining Hall doors, alongside the car park (towards the music block).

We are hoping that the government voucher scheme will be working by the end of this week. 

Key Worker Education

Thank you to those parents who managed to make other arrangements for their children today; it’s important to keep the number of these pupils to the absolute minimum to limit the chances of spreading the virus. Please see guidance on  'Am I a critical worker?'

Any parents still needing to enrol a child so that they can fulfil essential work should use the form at

Pupils Working from Home. 

I hope that pupils have had a successful day working at home; please bear with us as we sort out the teething troubles with some of the remote access.

A guide to logging-on to all our online platforms is available on our website on the COVID-19 Information Hub:      

Attendance Data

It is very important that your child logs onto the ShowMyHomeWork site every day. The site records when pupils log in. We will be checking this record daily and it will be used as our record of 'attendance'.   Please let us know in the normal way if your child is unwell, and unable to do the work set.

Year 11 Reports

We will not be issuing Year 11 reports this term; we do not know how the Government is going to use any published data on the pupils, so this seems wisest at present.  Mrs Moody will be writing to Year 11 pupils to keep them up to date with our plans for them for next term.  We have no clearer information about assessment arrangements at present.

School was eerily quiet today - our thoughts are with all our families as you continue your educations at home.

With all good wishes and stay safe,

Claire Coates



Using Show My Homework

There are two main ways of accessing Show My Homework: the website and the app. The app has many of the functions of the website, but is a little more restricted. The website version can be accessed through iPads or other tablets through any browser app.


Help with Show My Homework

There are a number of web articles that can help you and your child access the work set on Show My Homework, which are linked below for your convenience:

All articles for parents can be found here.

All articles for students can be found here.


Submitting Work through Show My Homework

We will be asking students to submit work through Show My Homework. All students have been shown how to do this in an assembly, but it may be new to them.

The article on how to do this can be found here.

Not all files can be easily uploaded through the app. However, if work is saved in a pupil's school OneDrive account, or another online file service, work can be uploaded easily through the website version on an iPad or other tablet. Simply follow the instructions in the article above and select OneDrive or another cloud service from the dropdown menu.

It may not be possible to upload extremely large files, such as a video, but you can share a link to the file in your school OneDrive.

If you do not know how to share through OneDrive, these articles will help you:

Sharing on a computer

Sharing through the iPad app


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