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Last academic year we hosted public lectures in the early evenings at school, which had been very well attended. More recently, these lectures have moved online via Microsoft Teams, and have had over 200 people – pupils, staff, members of the community as well as pupils and teachers from other schools – attending and contributing to discussions. We have so far hosted lectures with academics from the universities of Cambridge, Nottingham, Durham, Oxford, Southampton, and numerous others. You can view recordings of some of these lectures via our school website: 

We have kept these events free of charge to reinforce our belief that education should be for all. The aim of these lectures is multifaceted: they expose our students and the wider community to academics and scholarly debate, and they are also intended for teachers to continue to build subject knowledge as a form of Continued Professional Development.  

We have been overwhelmed with the positive response we have had from these lectures, and now are looking towards a face-to-face event to showcase the joy in learning about History! We plan to host a free ‘Community Conference’ 29th-30th April 2022 for our students, staff, local schools, and the wider community. We aim to have a programme that encompasses:  

Friday 29th April 

2pm-3pm: Dr James Crossland (Liverpool John Moores University):The First War on Terror": Bomb-Throwers, Spies and Panic in the Victorian Age 

3.30pm-4.30pm: Professor Malcolm Gaskill: Witches on the Frontier: A Seventeenth-Century American Tragedy 

Saturday 30th April  

11.30am- 12.30pm: Family lecture TBC 

1pm-2pm: Chris Thatcher (Oxford Archaeology): Cambourne’s Archaeology  

2.30pm-3.30pm: Professor Carenza Lewis (University of Lincoln)

Register your interest here 

Stream the event on the day: links will be made available via the school website. 


For more information contact:  

Jess Angell (Head of History) 


Getting here: There is plenty of parking available on site. 

Public transport: There are regular buses from both Cambridge and St Neots to Cambourne.  


Recordings of previous lectures:

Please follow the links below to access the recordings of previous lectures and feedback forms.

Reading Lists

  • Were the Peasants really Revolting? The Great Revolt of 1381 and its Aftermath by Dr Claire Kennan. Please follow this link to access a reading list put together by our speaker Dr Kennan

Upcoming Historic-All Lectures

Community Conference - see above

Historic-All Lecture Update- now weekly!

Thank you all for your support of our free public lecture programme so far. Originally, we intended to host these monthly but due to the current lockdown we have decided to host at least one a week during this Half Term. We hope that these lectures will help students and the wider community during this period of remote working, and we are incredibly grateful to all the speakers who agreed to take part at late notice. 

For this academic year, all lectures will be online and shared via Microsoft Teams. Details about how to join the events (free of charge) will be available via the school website and via Twitter: @Historic_All

Our monthly scheduled lectures will still continue from March.

The aim of these lectures is multifaceted: they expose our students and the wider community to academics and scholarly debate, and they are intended for History teachers to continue to build subject knowledge, but most importantly they foster a love and interest in the subject. This also fits in with our wider school remit of being a Village College, inspired by the ideas of Henry Morris, in which schools should act as a community hub and that education is a lifelong process. Everyone is welcome- spread the word!

Thank you for all your help and please do get in touch if you have any questions. 

Best wishes,

Miss Angell

Q & As

A number of historians have very kindly answered a range of questions about their work and interests.

Dr R Aitken

Dr A Holmes-Henderson

Prof P Mandler

S Bennett Connolly

Dr A Keil

J Robinson

C Cooper

Dr C Kennan

S P Sivasundaram

Prof M Gaskill

Dr H Lyon

Dr D L Smith

Prof R Gildea