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Extended Learning Opportunities

Extended Learning Opportunities

At Cambourne Village College our students have a range to talents and abilities. All students should be challenged within their work. Students spend the majority of their time at school in lessons. It is therefore essential that our most able students are supported within curriculum time. Differentiation allows higher ability students to tackle more challenging work.

To support this daily work we identify and support our Gifted and Talented students in a number of ways.

Cognitive Ability Tests

Every autumn the year 7 students sit the Cognitive Ability Tests. These tests are broken down into verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial skills. Each area is intended to assess students’ ability to reason and problem solve without an emphasis on subject knowledge. You will have been notified if your child has shown a particular strength in any area tested. The information from these tests has subsequently been shared with teachers. If you are interested in seeing your child’s report please email requesting this information. Details of how the tests are marked and what this means is included below.

CATs Overview

In School Events

Throughout the school year we offer a range of extra-curricular opportunities. These activities offer a range of opportunities to enrich the learning and experience of very able students. Details of these opportunities can be found in the extra-curricular portion of the website.

Opportunities Outside School

There are further opportunities for students outside school. We regularly gather information about local events and to keep students and their families informed of the wider opportunities on offer.