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Sports Clubs and Fixtures


Please see below the extra-curricular PE clubs from 10th January. They are open to all pupils and there is no need to sign up, just come along to the orange changing rooms at 3pm on the day of the club they’d like to attend. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of you there! If you have any questions, please speak to your PE teacher.

TIMETABLE From 5th September 2023


MONDAY 3-4pm

KS3 Rugby – Field

KS4 Basketball – Sports Hall

Girls’ football – Astro

Table tennis – Dining hall

Rowing and fitness – Gym



Dance – Drama studio

KS3 basketball – Sports hall

KS4 rugby – Field

Girls rugby – Field

Netball – Hard courts

Football training – Astro




BTEC Catch up – IT04

Wellbeing Wednesday – PE (sports leaders)



Sports Leaders Opportunities – Check the Sports Leaders Board

Girls active – Sports hall (sports leaders)


FRIDAY 3-4pm

Badminton – Sports hall

Champions League football games – Astro

Everyone’s invited! – PE (sports leaders)


Boys – meet at the back doors to the orange changing rooms

Girls – meet at the back doors to the green changing rooms


Wednesdays after school.

Any upcoming fixtures will be updated here as much as possible, but if you think something may be missing, please contact the PE Department for more information.

There are a large number of fixtures that take place across the year and many pupils are selected for these based on the participation in clubs.

Parents should note that pupils will be selected and informed about fixtures prior to the event and given the timings of these and details about the location and what to wear. This information is displayed on the board outside the PE office for all pupils to see.

It is expected that it is pupils’ responsibility to pass on this information to parents.

We therefore do not get written consent for every fixture each week.

If any parent does not agree with their child being selected and taken on fixtures in this way please contact the school to make alternative arrangements.

Community Clubs

In addition to CamVC’s own extra-curricular clubs, there are so many different sports and dance clubs being run in the local town. Below there is a poster with information about a range of different sporting opportunities.

If you require any further information about any of the clubs, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at the College.

Barons’ Sporting Bursary

The Barons' Sporting Bursary is awarded to any CamVC student who would like to join a community sports club or to participate in a sporting festival or event but cannot afford the membership or associated costs. 

Its aim is to ensure that every student at CamVC can participate in sport, dance and physical activity regardless of costs. Some examples of how the bursary can be used are:
- Paying for a year's membership to a Sports Club, e.g. Cambourne Netball Club
- Paying for transport costs for you to get into Cambridge to participate in a club
- Paying for additional equipment that you require for your sport, eg a new hockey stick
- Paying for the entry costs of an event like the Cambridge Schools Cross Country 
- Paying to attend a sports coaching or refereeing course such as a FA young officials course

If you would like to apply for the bursary then please fill out the form here with as much information as possible about yourself and the sporting opportunity.