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Animal Care - KS4

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Curriculum Year 10 / Year 11


Supporting your child

Extended learning

Exam Board and Course Code

Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Animal Care




What students will learn

How it builds on learning


Unit 1: Animal Health: It covers the fundamental knowledge and understanding required for undertaking health assessments alongside the identification of common diseases and disorders and their prevention. It is externally assessed.



Unit 3: Animal Welfare: This unit requires students to research issues relating to the welfare of animals kept in a variety of settings.





What students will learn

How it builds on learning


Unit 2: Animal Handling: This unit requires students to approach, handle and restrain animals safely, whilst also becoming familiar with the hazards and risks associated with handling animals.



Unit 5: Principles of Animal Behaviour: In this unit, students develop an awareness of normal animal behaviour and the stimuli needed to maintain an animal’s physical and mental health.



Each unit makes up 25% of the qualification. Unit 1 is the only externally-assessed component where learners will complete a 60-minute examination worth 50 marks. This exam is taken in January of Year 10, with an option to retake once in the summer term or the following January.

Internal assessment allows learners to develop a wider range of skills and provide evidence towards meeting the unit assessment criteria. Evidence for assessment can be generated through a range of activities, including role play, practical performance and verbal presentations.

Students produce an assignment in response to a brief that has been provided by the teacher.

Supporting your child

What you can do at home:

If your child has access to pets or farm animals, encourage them to add to their portfolio of animal handling by demonstrating their skills under parental supervision.

Extended learning

Homework policy:

The majority of the learning takes place within lesson time as assignments need to be carried out under teacher supervision. However, students will receive homework to broaden their research and communication skills.  In preparation for the Unit 1 exam, students will be expected to complete revision activities to develop their understanding and knowledge of animal health.

Possible trips and visits:

Year 10: Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their handling skills on a variety of exotic animals.

Year 11: Students will undertake a trip to a local riding school to practise their handling with large farm animals. Students will undertake a trip to a local zoo to carry out behavioural analysis on a range of animals.