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Modern Foreign Languages - French

Bienvenue and welcome to French!

Two hundred pupils in 2022-3 will begin or continue their exciting journey in learning French – a language spoken on every continent and an official language of twenty-nine countries, the language of our nearest non-English speaking neighbour and in high demand for business and tourism in particular.

In lessons we use a range of skills every lesson - listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Particularly in the early stages of French, there is great emphasis in being able to read aloud and pronounce French with reasonable accuracy in order to facilitate later progress in speaking and listening and enable pupils to benefit from the many crossovers in French, English and Spanish vocabulary.

We use a range of online resources to support class- and homework; there is a list of useful websites below and on the last page of the Key Stage 3 Language Guide which is available to all the relevant pupils electronically.  We use the Studio range of textbooks.  Pupils have electronic access to all the class resources via the College’s CATalogue.

Key Staff

Head of MFL Department: Mrs M Collado-Canas

Head of French and German: Mr T Thomas

Course Information

Key Stage 3

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