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New Intake

Year 7 Secondary Transition for September 2024 - Timeline of Communication




Offers are sent out to parents by Cambridgeshire County Council on FRIDAY 1st MARCH.  Please accept your child’s place via the Citizens Admission Portal.  If you are unable to accept your place online, please email with the following details:

1. Your child's full legal name and date of birth

2. Your full name, relationship to child and contact email address.

All offers should be accepted by Friday 15th March so that places can be reallocated where necessary.

If you wish to decline a place allocated for your child, please complete the slip at the bottom of your offer letter or confirm your alternative schooling arrangements by letter/email.  This can be brought to the school marked for the attention of admissions, or emailed to  

Declining an offer can only be in writing and we cannot accept verbal notification. The place will not be removed until such time as we receive written confirmation. In your letter/email we require the following information:

  • The name and address of the school where you have a confirmed place. Being on a waiting list or appealing is not sufficient to withdraw the allocated place.
  • Name of the country you are moving to, if you are moving out of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

You need to have alternative schooling arrangements in place before you decline any offer, as your place will be offered to applications on our waiting list.


Information Letters about the Transition Process will be sent to parents via Primary Schools/Post and will be available on our website.  

Second Round offers are sent out by Cambridgeshire County Council on 27th April


Ideally, we want to communicate all information to you electronically, therefore we will be registering your child and your contact details onto our system with the details provided to Cambridgeshire County Council Admissions at the time of your application.  If any of your contact details have changed since your secondary school application, please contact our Admissions Team by email by the END OF APRIL

Registration Packs and Forms will be sent out in May.

Reading Passports launched

Link to download the ePassport can be found in the downloads menu.

The Reading Passport Scheme is supported with book boxes distributed to our main feeder schools in Cambourne. Books are loaned to primary pupils to their reading passport – a reading challenge for all pupils to complete between now and the end of them summer holidays. Pupils transitioning to Cambourne Village College may borrow books over the summer holidays and return them directly to us in September. Please do take good care of the books. A number of books are not returned each year. We hope to continue this initiative for many years to come, so please help us by encouraging their safe return.

This year, we are trialling a modified Reading Passport for students who may find the reading expectations too challenging. There is still an element of challenge for all: the reading list provided in the main passport is offered so pupils can choose to participate in their own way. The modified passport has a reduced expectation – one item from each category. There is a short story reading comprehension which is challenging, but can be supported either by staff at school parents or by directing the pupil to the recording, if needed.


Transition Programme - Cambourne Village College staff will liaise with catchment primary schools. They will meet with pupils at the four main catchment primary schools in Cambourne and give out information booklets. Teaching staff from CamVC will also visit these schools for transition learning activities.

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator will liaise with primary schools; some pupils make additional visits to CamVC


Parent New Intake Meeting and Transitional Days occur at the beginning for the month. Tutor groupings will be communicated at the Transitional Days.

Opportunity to view the school uniform before purchasing online from CamVC suppliers.

Monday 1st July   


Uniform Shop  

3:30-5pm - Total Clothing (daily wear and PE Kit) at CamVC.  

To view sizing, purchase must be made online. 


Parents’ New Intake Information Evening - PARENTS ONLY to attend 

7.00pm - 7.45pm : Talk in The Coates Theatre for parents of pupils at Monkfield and The Vine.

8.00pm- 8.45pm : Talk in The Coates Theatre for parents of pupils at Jeavons Wood, Hardwick & Cambourne and out of catchment.

Thursday 4th July 

8:30am – 2:50pm 

New Intake Day 1 – All Year 6 Pupils.  

·                     Pupils spend day at CamVC in tutor groups, taking part in a range of different lessons. 

·                     Primary school uniform to be worn. 

·                     Bring pencil case, water and snack. 

·                     Lunch is provided from our School Canteen (pasta). Pupils with dietary requirements should bring their own packed lunch on this day, accommodations will be made in September onwards.

Friday 5th July 

8:30am – 2:50pm 

New Intake Day 2 – All Year 6 Pupils. 

·                     Pupils spend day at CamVC in tutor groups, taking part in a range of different sporting activities. 

·                     PE kit and trainers to be worn.  

·                     Pupils will need to bring a packed lunch, water and snack. 


Bikeability training available for any Year 6 pupils that have not already completed Level 1/2 or 3 (limited spaces available)


If you have any queries about the Year 7 place offer you have received, please contact Admissions at Cambridgeshire County Council on 0345 0451370

All allocations and management of the waiting list is processed by Cambridgeshire County Council and you will need to contact them directly for any queries. NO allocation decisions or information on the waiting list will be given out by ourselves to parents.